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hotel akti in paralia leptokarias

Hotel Akti in Paralia Leptokaria founded in 2004 and since then it creates the best summer experiences for people  coming almost from all over the world. 


Living in Leptokaria for your summer vacation you can combine it visiting some beautiful places around the area. Thessaloniki is only 90km. away by the highway and it would be a beautiful daily trip. 

hotel akti paralia leptokaria

The Leptokaria beach is really famous for the sandy coast and the huge amount of littel stores and caffes. In Leptokaria you can take greek traditional food and enjoy the nightlife with the best vibes. We are waiting for you. 

hotel akti paralia leptokaria

Located in Leptokaria only 50m from the beach is a unique destination for long and short time vacations. The rooms have two side balcony with view to Mt. Olympus or to the sandy beach of Lepokaria. 

hotel akti paralia leptokaria

Also while you stay you could visit the Meteora which is close enough for a day or two days trip. Meteora has beautiful things to see around with breathtaking view. 

You need more things to do? Take the time to write us about the things you like and we will tell you the choices you have.

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